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“Sound quality is the key to immersing your audience in an unforgettable, captivating and compelling experience.”

Sound Design

Whether creating the mysterious ambiance of an enchanted forest, the striking sound effects of a futuristic spaceship, or even the unique sounds of a cartoon character, my expertise in creating custom sounds opens a world of possibilities to make your project truly unique and unforgettable.

Foley & Field Recording

Foley effects and field recording involve recreating realistic and unique sounds, ranging from everyday noises to natural atmospheres. I synchronize these sounds with visual actions to enrich each project.

Foley or "Foley" reproduces everyday sounds, while "Field Recording" captures authentic environments such as wind or urban noise, thus offering realism and immersion to any audiovisual project."

Original music composition

Original music composition represents the fusion of technical and creative skills to give birth to unique and memorable melodies, perfectly suited to each project.


Thanks to my technical skills and my passion for sound perfection, I strive to provide professional quality mixes that enhance each audio element, adding an immersive and harmonious dimension to each project, taking into account the different current standards to be respected ."

Sample Pack

“As a freelance Sound Designer, I consider creating professional-quality sound effect libraries to be an essential part of my job.
I particularly enjoy designing exclusive sounds and am fortunate to collaborate with exceptional partners to share my work."

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Sample Pack Cover.jpg
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Who I am ?

My name is Anthony ; composer and sound designer.

"Since my childhood, with an instrument in my hands, I have nourished this passion for creating sounds, making noise and expressing emotions through music. Oriented towards professional training as a presenter in contemporary music, I spent years accompanying various bands in the studio and live, exploring a multitude of styles and cultures One day, I discovered the world of recording, then this new growing passion for the studio and sound design was born. like a revelation. This meeting changed the course of my career. The marriage between composition and sound creation opened up a wide spectrum of artistic and technical explorations. My goal today is to create unique sound experiences. immersive and memorable, adding a distinct and unforgettable sonic identity to each project."


If you have a project for which my skills can be an asset for you, let's talk about it .

06 77 88 94 95

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Merci pour votre envoi !

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